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April 2, 2013
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deviantART Modernized Beta 1 - Download! by FezVrasta deviantART Modernized Beta 1 - Download! by FezVrasta
The first beta of my project deviantART Modernized is out!

At the moment my project adds the brand new sidebar to every page of deviantART, and is customized with specific functions on those pages:

- Home page
- Messages center
- Deviations
- Profile

Also, almost the entire site become responsive, if you have a device with a screen resolution lower than 960px or you use your browser in a small window, the site will be re-organized for fit the screen and the sidebar will be activated.

If you have a bigger screen or you use the browser in a big window, you will don't see any difference between the official version and mine.

Do you want try this? ok! Install it on your browser ^^

Install this Chrome Extension from Chrome Web Store!

Install deviantART Modernized Beta for Google Chrome

Install deviantART Modernized Beta for Mozilla Firefox (Waitig for revision)

I'd like to allow people to use this extension also on mobile versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but:
1. Google Chrome Mobile doesn't support extensions yet
2. Mozilla Firefox Mobile doesn't support contet/load function in mobile add-ons, so my script can't work

So, I'll think to another way for get it ^^
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this LOOKS great, but when i tried to install your userscript version i got this error:
Error: @match pattern does not conform to pattern rules
FezVrasta Jun 23, 2013  Professional General Artist
weird... sorry this script is not yet maintained since mobile browsers will not support plugins...
When is mozilla going to approve your addon?
FezVrasta Jun 25, 2013  Professional General Artist
Was approved... but I did something wrong and everything is fucked now XD... You can still use Greasemonkey!
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